Friday, May 06, 2005

Pupantang Sa Donsol

PROGRAMMING NOTE: I will be on the road this week and finally getting a break from training. I will be flying to Donsol, my permanent site for a visit with my new host family and the people I will work with over the next two years. Very excited to finally see my destination!

The downside is that I am not likely to have access to the Internet for a week. So I hope you will all be patient and wait for my return and a new blog post!

I stay a night in Manila on Saturday and then fly out Sunday morning to Bicol. Another volunteer and I are going to an apparently popular restaurant in Manila called The Hobbit. The staff is entirely made up of dwarfs! (Seriously, no joke).

I'll be returning next Saturday. Sorry, no emails or posts until then. Text me if you want!



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