Friday, October 07, 2005


Okay, this is the point in my stay here where I will ask for your help, specifically, your money!

From now until Christmas, I will be conducting a BOOK AND A BUCK DRIVE for my high school. Here's how it works. You send an age-appropriate book and one single dollar (for mailing costs) to one of the two addresses below. Simple, eh? You get a tax write-off and a kid across the world gets to read a book!

WHAT'S AN APPROPRIATE BOOK? Our students are ages 12 to 16 and many of them have difficulty reading books in English. Please donate books that are appropriate for American kids, ages 10 to 15. We would like literature, art and music books, philosophy, science, biography, fiction, non-fiction. Books with a multi-cultural perspective are great! (I.E. Not just an American perspective)

I only ask that each of you send one book. If you want to send more, we will take them! My partners in the book drive (Linda Campbell and Catherine Quayle) will then forward all books to the Philippines. I recently acquired some donated books from Scholastic, Inc. (Thanks to my former editor, Elizabeth Ward) and the kids are checking them out and loving them. But we need so much more.

At school, we will work on a program to raise funds to renovate the library -- it has a leaky roof and faulty wiring -- and a plan to build new shelves to house the books. All you have to do is send the books. This will make a true partnership.

So in this upcoming holiday season of thanksgiving, please open your wallets and hearts and give to our library! Maraming salamat sa inyo lahat!

Donsol students check out China on the new world maps (donated by Linda and Ron Campbell).

Check out the new reading corner I set up with the help of the librarian and a few newly donated books. Think we can fill these shelves up and then some?

Okay, so these kids look happy! But wouldn't they be much happier if they had more books to read?

A view of the existing library. Behind the camera view, there are some shelves of books but the librarian was too embarrassed to show them -- they are old and the shelves are falling apart.

Donsol girls studying in the library.

This picture shows you two things. That, A, there is a librarian who cares about having a library and is trying her best to make it effective; and B, the library is in desperate need of help -- look at the leaky roof!


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