Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Life in a Hut

Okay, I know all of you have been sitting on the edges of your seats awaiting my very next post. So here it is. But I apologize in advance that it has to be short. I am in town just for a bit and have a long lists of things to do and buy for my upcoming House Blessing.

Yes, House Blessing. Complete with crucifix, candles, a lay minister (the priest is out of town), six kilos of noodles, 100 lumpia (egg rolls), 100 white bread sandwiches with sandwich spread and the entire population of school teachers and my new neighborhood, including maraming bata (many kids). Phew. But I am informed that a blessing is essential or something bad will happen to me. Okay lang, you only get blessed once, right? Oh, did I mention a live band? Kuya Benji, the security guard will bring his band to place for us. And Tong, a local kid, is going to sing my favorite Tagalog song, Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang? A good time will be had be all -- just hoping the typhoon headed this way holds off for a bit!

So da hut is great. Takes a bit of getting used to. The gagamba - spiders -- are meyshadong malaki (too big), the cockroachs crawl on posts above my bed while I hide under a mosquito net, and I was recently told that centipedes are fond of Anahaw roofs (just like mine!) Fun.

Aside from the creepy crawlers, the hut is refreshing and the wind blows through the bamboo, which is really cool. I've got my own CR now (bathroom) though I don't have running water. Buckets lang. So I have to haul water to fill up for washing myself and the dishes but I get some help from the neighborhood kids, who by the way, can't stop staring at me and my every move. Tong, the boy who will sing Saturday, helped me wish my clothes yesterday. So I have lots of help at the house and the neighbors are very friendly. It definitely feels safe even though the teachers (of a much higher class of folks) are concerned that I am living in a poor neighborhood. Hindi bale! (Nevermind!) Just cause your poor, doesn't mean your dangerous...

I will posts pics soon, possibly after this weekend's House Blessing. Stay tuned and sorry so short. And send those books!!!

Ingat always.


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