Sunday, November 27, 2005

Turkey Day

It is usually around the holidays when you start to miss the things back home. I mean, how do you explain a holiday that revolves around stuffing your face and sitting around watching football all day?

Filipinos know a lot about eating, so that aspect of it it wasn't so tough. This year, we had an unusual gathering of 40-plus people for Thanksgiving dinner on the beach at Katie and Anthony's house in Catanduanes. Fifteen American volunteers, give or take. A British retiree. A Filipino-American family with two small boys. And a jeepney-full of teachers from Katie's school!

Katie and Anthony were generous enough to open up their home and refridgerator to our crowd. We had a candlelight dinner on the beach -- and yes, there was a turkey, donated by the Mayor of Tobaco, where one of our volunteers is stationed.

We then spent a couple of days in a remote resort on Catanduanes. A much-needed break in a beautiful little spot:

This is a little surfing beach called Puraran

It rained but we went swimming anyway!

We stayed in these sweet little cabins


Blogger wrcampiii said...

This reminds me a lot of an outdoor party the sguadron officers had in an area in the Zambales on the north side of Subic Bay. It was a "wetting down" party in 1980 for those recently promoted. Even the huts in your picture are like the ones that we could use for "accomodations".

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