Tuesday, December 13, 2005

On the 12th Day of Christmas...

My true love gave to me: 12-hour flight to Hawaii! Yes, it's true, in just one week, I am leaving the Philippines for a little R & R in Hawaii. Honestly, I can't wait. What will I do first? I'll soak in a hut tub, siguro? Eat a little sushi? Swim in a clean ocean...take a breath of fresh air! So many things I took for granted will now be mine again, if only for two weeks...

So people say its hard to adjust when you reenter the U.S. after time away, but it's hard to imagine that I will have a hard time. But I do wonder whether I will speak funny, or make those funny Filipino expressions -- like letting my mouth drop wide open when I can't hear someone or pointing my lips to give directions. Will my family think its funny that I now have a hard time eating with a knife and a fork? That I am attached to the Filipino way...fork and spoon? Will I miss my bucket bath with a tabo(scoop for bathing)? My three-times daily intake of rice? Will I miss the crowded Filcab, the Jeepneys and the endless replay of the pop song, Pinoy Ako? Will I miss being asked daily if I am married? And why not? Will I miss the rat in my nipa hut and Pretty Boy, my new cat, who doesn't like to catch rats?

Whatever happens, it is a much-needed break from the stress of everyday life here and I can't wait. Mag-eenjoy ako! So for now, folks, happy pasko and stay tuned for more blogging in the New Year!

Ingat po kayo. Maligayang Pasko!


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